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If the color makes you conscious you could opt for a thorough cleaning followed by tooth whitening. Whitening helps to brighten up your teeth and achieve the smile that you would love to flaunt.

"I'm writing this review after teeth whitening treatment. Highly professional and skilled. Does a great job in explaining every step of the process. There was absolutely no pain in any of the procedures performed. Every single visit has given me a positive experience. If you're seeking a finest dentist, then you have arrived the right place!"

- Ravinder Bhatti (Navi Mumbai




There are multiple reasons to warrant a filing, the most common being decay. When the tooth is decayed, the carious structure needs to be cleaned out thoroughly and then replaced.

"Excellent treatment done by Dr. Sanah to remove white patch on my front teeth using composite filling. Now smiling during photos is even better. She even suggest two implants to be done, to fill up the place of my extracted tooth which hindered food chewing - Suggestion paid off very well and I am more comfortable than I was before. I would definitely recommend Dental Designs to family and friends. Thank you Dr. Sanah & Dr. Javeid.”

-Omar Fakih (Navi Mumbai)


dental implants


Today, dental implants are the most preferred option when replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are fixed into the jaw bone whereby the adjacent teeth need no alteration.

"As at a young age I lost many teeth, I had a difficult time eating food. Wearing dentures was also not a comfortable solution. A family friend referred me to Dr. Sanah, where I got a full mouth implants done.I am satisfied and happy with the treatment I received at Dental Designs. Dr. Sanah handled all the appointments and surgical procedures effectively and efficiently. Her clinic 'Dental Designs' is well equipped, well maintained and well designed for this purpose. I would recommend my family and friends to refer to Dr. Sanah for implant treatments."

- Musarrat Hurzuk (Abu Dhabi)




Dentures are one of the oldest replacement options for missing teeth. They could be complete dentures that replace a complete set of missing teeth or they could be partial wherein they replace only a few missing teeth.

"I had swelling in my lower gums as a result of which my lower teeth started to wobble. My relatives referred me to Dental Designs clinic. I was under treatment by Dr Rashmi. I found her to be very polite, knowledgeable and easy to reach out for any issues. I got my dentures done by her and am very happy with it. I would definitely recommend her and this clinic to my family and friends."

- Afzal Hurzuk (Navi Mumbai)


full mouth


Full Mouth Rehabilitation is a complete reconstruction of all teeth in the mouth. This is usually needed after complete wear down of the teeth or multiple missing teeth.

"The fear of the drill and the needle lead to a complete breakdown of my smile at a very young age. Finally when I knew I could no longer delay treatment I went to Dental Designs, where my entire family gets treated. Dr. Sanah Khan had an elaborate plan for me but made sure I was given adequate time to be mentally prepared for such a treatment. I needed a few dental implants and quite a few crowns. Her entire team was accommodating enough to ensure my appointments suited my busy work schedule."

- Arvind Gupta (Navi Mumbai)




Early childhood care can promote a lifetime of smiles and set the building blocks of a healthy smile and monitor the growth and maintenance for their better future smiles.

"My daughter was very apprehensive about the treatment and the everyone in the clinic made her very comfortable and even the treatment was painless. Definitely recommended.Had a good experience. Has been our doc for more than a year. Very good with kids. Will recommend to everyone."

-Varun Vaidyanathan (Navi Mumbai)

Patient's Parent



Decay or trauma can cause damage to the nerve inside a tooth. Root Canal Treatment involves removal of this infected or injured nerve. If untreated this usually leads to infection in the bone around the tooth causing severe discomfort and at times needing the damaged tooth to be extracted.

"Dr. Javed and her assistant, Simran, worked on my root canal. Both were very concerned about my comfort during the treatment. Dr. Javed is a great dentist for the people who live in Navi Mumbai. The staff is super friendly, and always helpful. I feel comfortable enough during covid to get my root canal done as the place is super clean (and was before!)Scheduling and rescheduling if needed have always been very easy. The dental hygienists are always so nice and gentle when cleaning. They are meticulous but time-efficient. Definitely recommend."

- Tanzila Gawandi (Navi Mumbai)




Something about your smile just doesn’t feel right? It could be a small chip, the colour of your teeth or a tooth that’s not in its best position. We have a variety of options that can help set your smile just right; aesthetic composite fillings, teeth whitening and ceramic veneers.

"My teeth had discolored overtime with multiple attempts at fillings. All the treatments done so far were failing and weren’t giving me desired long term results. This is when I was referred to Dental Designs and was advised veneers for my front teeth. It’s been 3 years now and I have absolutely no regrets. For me it has been no looking back. Would definitely propose this option to all those whose confidence and smile is affected by the same. Thanks You Dr. Sanah for helping me build by confidence."

- Sabiha Patankar (Navi Mumbai)




Crooked or mal positioned teeth can sometimes make you conscious of your smile and prevent you from living life to its fullest. At times the crowding of spaces between the teeth make cleaning them extremely difficult leading to cavities and inability to maintain a healthy smile.

"Dr. Neelesh and Dr. Javeid makes a great team at Dental Designs (DD). Day one they prepared us (parents) by explaining every step about our son’s upcoming treatment...that helped.  He had Deep Bite issue but not anymore. Plus now he has beautiful alignment of teeth...They recommended braces treatment and we just followed those instructions. With high hygiene, friendly & accommodating staff makes the entire process more lovable. Thank you DD for identifying the real issues and helping fix it with so much of ease using most sophisticated tools and techniques. Our son and of course we as parents are very pleased with theirs incredible knowledge, professionalism and eye for detail to achieve the desired results. Great !!!


- Nazia Patankar (Navi Mumbai)

Patient's Parent



Dental Crowns are a covering or a tooth shaped cap that is placed on a damaged tooth or an implant. Crowns restore the shape, size, form and function of a tooth. Crowns are very crucial if the remaining tooth structure is not adequate enough to withstand forces and loads. Usually this is the case when the tooth is root canal treated.
Bridges are fabricated when a tooth/teeth are missing. Support is taken from the tooth in front and the tooth at the back to help support the missing tooth.

"Excellent doctor! and the staff as well. Very thorough and caring. The best dental care I have ever experienced! Professional, courteous, and friendly staff made me feel like family… would highly recommend to anyone!!!
I've visited them for Root canal and capping of two teeth, the procedure was done in approx. six seating's, despite my heavy schedule. the doctor was very cooperative and adjusted my visits accordingly and time to time update was taken. Yesterday, I went for the cleanup and it was done in a whip. brilliant clinic, the utmost care was taken during the pandemic, cleanliness and screenings were done at the time of entering every time. 10/10 Recommendation.  "

- Anis Shaikh (Navi Mumbai)