Teeth Whitening

There are many reasons for a smile that lacks lustre. The discolouration could be internal or external. Smoking, drinking too much tea/coffee/red wine does cause staining of teeth which can look unappealing at times. If the colour makes you conscious you could opt for a thorough cleaning followed by tooth whitening. Whitening helps to brighten up your teeth and achieve the smile that you would love to flaunt. Teeth whitening can be of two types:

1. Home whitening: In this procedure custom trays are made in which you can dispense the whitening agent and wear the tray for the stipulated time advised by us.

2. Office Whitening: Here a higher concentration of whitening agent is used and the entire procedure is carried out at the dental office. It usually takes about an hour and it is not uncommon to achieve results of 6-10 shades brighter.

At times trauma to the front tooth may cause internal discolouration which needs to be treated post a Root Canal to make sure the final restoration matches the adjacent teeth.

The materials we use at Dental Designs are some of the best in the world today and consistently give desired results.


I'm writing this review after teeth whitening treatment. Highly professional and skilled. Does a great job in explaining every step of the process. There was absolutely no pain in any of the procedures performed. Every single visit has given me a positive experience. If you're seeking a finest dentist, then you have arrived!

- Ravinder Bhatti (Navi Mumbai)

Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening Before


Teeth Whitening After
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