Root Canal Treatments

Decay or trauma can cause damage to the nerve inside a tooth. Root Canal Treatment involves removal of this infected or injured nerve. If untreated this usually leads to infection in the bone around the tooth causing severe discomfort and at times needing the damaged tooth to be extracted.

The treatment is always carried out under anaesthesia where the infected nerve is removed and the surrounding tooth is thoroughly cleaned and filled using an inert material thereby preventing further infection and allowing the bone around the tooth to heal. Most root canal treated teeth need placement of a crown to ensure they do not fracture when in complete function.

At Dental Designs we use the best in class anaesthesia and equipment to make sure your visits are pain free and comfortable.


All I can say is that from start to finish the overall experience was great! I enjoyed the ease of the staff and the time taken to explain every step of the process. Dr. Rashmi is so calm and gentle. Very clear in explaining and showing before and after shots.

I had two root canals and some fillings done. The whole experience was quick and they really helped me to be comfortable.

I also love their email/text message reminders of my appointment date and time - very efficient communication. I recommend Dental Designs for all dental work.

- Aanchal Nigam (Navi Mumbai)

Root Canal


Root Canal Before


Root Canal After
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