Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is a complete reconstruction of all teeth in the mouth. This is usually needed after complete wear down of the teeth or multiple missing teeth. This leads to disharmony between the joint, the muscles and the teeth which can result into severe complications if not corrected and treated in time.

The aim of this treatment is to achieve an outcome that improves both, the function and the aesthetics for the patient. A full mouth rehabilitation to start with requires a very detailed understanding of the cause and rate at which the damage is progressing. The treatment involves an interdisciplinary approach to ensure the muscles, the joint and the teeth are in harmony. Patients are usually given temporary restorations which allows to wait and watch the sync between the joint and muscles come through. Once the ‘bite’ settles with temporaries, final prosthesis/restorations are fabricated and delivered to the patient.

This treatment takes over an extended period of time and requires multiple visits.


The fear of the drill and the needle lead to a complete breakdown of my smile at a very young age. Finally when I knew I could no longer delay treatment I went to Dental Designs, where my entire family gets treated. Dr. Sanah Khan had an elaborate plan for me but made sure I was given adequate time to be mentally prepared for such a treatment. I needed a few dental implants and quite a few crowns. Her entire team was accommodating enough to ensure my appointments suited my busy work schedule.

- Arvind Gupta (Navi Mumbai)

Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Full Mouth Rehabilitation Before


Full Mouth Rehabilitation After
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