Dental Implants

Today, dental implants are the most preferred option when replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are fixed into the jaw bone whereby the adjacent teeth need no alteration. Usually once dental implants are placed they need 3-6 months of time to integrate to the surrounding bone after which an extension (head) i.e. abutment is placed and a crown is fabricated. Dental implants easily help in restoring not just function but also aesthetics.

Dental implants can at times be placed immediately post the extraction of a tooth, but if the bone isn’t favourable we would advise you to wait a few weeks before the implant is placed. At times minor surgical procedures like a sinus lift or bone augmentation is needed to ensure the implant is in viable healthy bone.


As at a young age I lost many teeth, I had a difficult time eating food. Wearing dentures was also not a comfortable solution. A family friend referred me to Dr. Sanah, where I got a full mouth implants done.

I am satisfied and happy with the treatment I received at Dental Designs. Dr. Sanah handled all the appointments and surgical procedures effectively and efficiently. Her clinic 'Dental Designs' is well equipped, well maintained and well designed for this purpose.

I would recommend my family and friends to refer to Dr. Sanah for implant treatments.

- Musarrat Hurzuk (Abu Dhabi)

Dental Implant


Dental Implant Before


Dental Implant After
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