Braces and Alignment

Crooked or mal positioned teeth can sometimes make you conscious of your smile and prevent you from living life to its fullest. At times the crowding of spaces between the teeth make cleaning them extremely difficult leading to cavities and inability to maintain a healthy smile.

A thorough clinical examination with our specialist will help us outline the treatment possibilities for you. This treatment takes place over an extended period of time which may vary from patient to patient.

We at Dental Designs have an array of options to choose from depending on the treatment modality and choice given by our specialist. Braces could be conventional metal, clear ceramic ones, lingual braces which cannot be seen when you smile or talk. The option of clear aligners is also available if you would not want wires in your mouth. Come, visit us and understand how braces can help give you the smile you deserve.


Dr. Neelesh and Dr. Javeid makes a great team at Dental Designs (DD). Day one they prepared us (parents) by explaining every step about our son’s upcoming treatment...that helped.

He had Deep Bite issue but not anymore. Plus now he has beautiful alignment of teeth...They recommended braces treatment and we just followed those instructions.

With high hygiene, friendly & accommodating staff makes the entire process more lovable.

Thank you DD for identifying the real issues and helping fix it with so much of ease using most sophisticated tools and techniques. Our son and of course we as parents are very pleased with theirs incredible knowledge, professionalism and eye for detail to achieve the desired results. Great !!!

- Nazia Patankar (Navi Mumbai)

Braces and Alignment


Braces and Alignment Before


Braces and Alignment After
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