Aesthetic Filling

There are multiple reasons to warrant a filing, the most common being decay. When the tooth is decayed, the carious structure needs to be cleaned out thoroughly and then replaced. The days of the old black coloured silver amalgams are over. We use bonded composites to restore the tooth back to its natural shape, colour, form and function. These Composite Fillings may also be help to close gaps between teeth, build fractured or chipped teeth, mask discoloured teeth and make mild to moderate modification in size and shape of teeth that may not be to your liking.

We, at Dental Designs ensure that every filling done restores function and aesthetics mimicking what was given by nature. These fillings are bonded to the tooth structure preserving surrounding tooth structure and ensuring lesser chances of secondary decay if maintained well.


"Excellent treatment done by Dr. Sanah to remove white patch on my front teeth using composite filling. Now smiling during photos is even better. She even suggest two implants to be done, to fill up the place of my extracted tooth which hindered food chewing - Suggestion paid off very well and I am more comfortable than I was before. I would definitely recommend Dental Designs to family and friends. Thank you Dr. Sanah & Dr. Javeid.”

- Omar Fakih (Navi Mumbai)

Aesthetic Filling


Aesthetic Filling Before


Aesthetic Filling After
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